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Our oils carry the distinctive red Olive Mark sticker showing that they have passed the rigorous certification standards of Olives New Zealand for chemical and sensory analysis and may be classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The olives are picked by a combination of machine and hand-picking and delivered to the press throughout the day as we pick. The oil is returned to us in stainless steel barrels and we leave it to settle for a few days before draining off any sediment, repeating the racking process several times before pumping the finished oil into storage tanks. From there we blend a combination of varietals to create a balanced oil. When blending, we are aiming for a fruity, vibrant, peppery oil with and intense green colour. Finally, we bottle to order into dark glass bottles, finish with food grade nitrogen to keep out any oxygen before capping.

Choosing a cold pressed olive oil is similar to choosing a wine

The flavours of the oils vary widely and just like wine, are dependent on the variety of olive pressed, the area of New Zealand in which the olives are grown, time of harvest and of course, how quickly they are processed after picking.

Our olives are picked and processed within hours so the oil retains its fruity, full-bodied taste and intense colour. Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age, fresh is best. Freshness makes a big difference to flavor and of course correct storage is paramount. Always buy olive oil sold in dark glass bottles with the guarantee of the red Olives New Zealand Mark®. When you get the oil home, keep it in a cool, dark place. Properly stored, your EVOO will maintain its quality for up to two years from the date of harvest.


Alongside our olive trees, we have 400 Hazelnut trees. High in nutrients and low in fat, we sell our versatile, heart-healthy, brain-boosting hazelnuts as freshly cracked whole kernels, raw, dry roasted or as beautiful cold pressed hazelnut oil with an intense nutty flavour.

Five Reasons to buy Central Otago Olive Oil from Dunford Grove

Zero sprays or harsh chemicals: The extreme weather of very cold winters and hot dry summers means there is little disease and no need for any sprays.

Rich in Polyphenols: Because of our race against frost damage at harvest, we press predominantly green olives so our oils have much higher polyphenol content. Polyphenols are nature’s antioxidants and the major source of Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s health benefits.

Freshly pressed: Our picked, pressed and best before dates are clearly marked on the back label but you don’t need to worry because Dunford Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil has sold out every season.

Guaranteed to be 100% New Zealand Olive Oil: The red Olives New Zealand Mark® and the blue and Yellow Central Otago Olive Growers Group sticker guarantees you’re buying Central Otago Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Fruity, peppery and bitter flavours: Enhance the natural flavor of your food and add an authentic Mediterranean flavor to your cooking with our Tuscan oil blend.

Why you should only buy certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Most people know to look for extra virgin on the label even if they’re not sure what it means. Extra Virgin refers to the way the oil was extracted, that is purely by mechanical means without chemicals or heat. The name EVOO on a label is not a guarantee of quality, and it is quite possible that a cold pressed oil could be rancid. However, if you buy New Zealand Olive Oil that has been certified by Olives New Zealand you can trust you are getting the freshest, true extra virgin olive oil.

Why, because to qualify for Olives New Zealand certification, New Zealand olive oil must meet specific requirements. These include bottling and labelling standards as well as the chemical and sensory criteria that Olives New Zealand has based on the International Olive Council (IOC) standards for extra virgin olive oil.

The OliveMark® has been trademarked and is your guarantee that the oil is actually Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These are the Olives New Zealand requirements before certification is granted.

Chemical Analysis: The Free Fatty Acid level measured as oleic acid must be less than 0.5% and the Peroxide Value less than 15mEq per kg. The standards for extra virgin olive oil set by the IOC are less than 0.8% FFA and a Peroxide Value of less than 20.

Sensory Analysis: This is undertaken by an IOC approved Sensory Panel. The oils are evaluated for the absence of defects and the presence of the required desirable attribute, namely fruitiness.

Labelling: the label on the oil must meet the required NZFSA standards, and have the month processed on it. It must also have the Best Before date, which is no more than 24 months after the date processed.

Containers: oil must be in dark glass bottles or if clear bottles or light glass bottles are used they must be packaged in a container that will exclude light.


Dunford Grove Lies on the quiet shores of the unbelievably blue Lake Dunstan. We, Jocelyn Robinson and Sandy Black, moved to this stunning spot in May 2015 just in time for harvest. While the first olive trees were planted in 2005 the remaining 450 olives and 400 hazelnuts were planted in 2007. We grow the Italian varietals Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino – olives best suited to our southern climate.

Often likened to a desert, Central Otago’s extreme weather of very cold winters and hot dry summers provide ideal conditions for growing healthy disease-free trees. Because of this, we are able to practice a spray free regime.

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